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Side Lofted Cabin

Derksen's New Side-Lofted Cabin

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Derksen buildings are built by Mennonite craftsmen who take pride in their reputation for high-quality workmanship. Derksen products consistently exceed their own standards of quality and are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If you have any problems with your building, we urge you to contact us. We always want to do our best to keep our customers happy!


Rent-to-own was introduced into the portable building industry as an alternative to mini-warehousing. It allows customers to have their own storage unit right in their own backyard.

Mini-warehouses have two disadvantages that portable storage buildings do not have:

  1. They are usually inconvenient
  2. They never belong to you.

With our rent-to-own program, a customer can own a storage building in a maximum of three years.

Credit requirements

No credit check is required. Because this is a rent-to-own agreement, the customer may turn his building in at any time without getting a negative credit report. A customer may pay their building off at any time without penalty.

Down payments

The minimum down payment is one month’s rent plus tax.

A customer may pay more than the minimum down payment and reduce their payment or keep their payment the same and have the payment applied to principal. If a customer pays $500 or more down on a building, their security deposit will be waived and the monthly payment will be reduced.

Building Specs:

  1. Skids: Our buildings are built on ground contact rated treated 4 x 6 skids. These skids are notched 1/2” everywhere a floor joist crosses it.

  2. Floor Joists: Our buildings are built on pressure treated 2 x 4 floor joists on 8′ and 12′ bldgs. 2×6 on 10′ bldgs. spaced on 16” centers that are toe-nailed into 1/2” notches in each 4 x 6 skid. This building technique provides cross bracing for the floor joists. Garage buildings are built with 2 x 4 floor joists spaced on 12” centers

  3. Floor Decking: We use 5/8” pressure treated plywood floor decking. This thickness provides ample support for just about anything a customer might want to place in his shed. We have many customers who have cars or motorcycles stored in their sheds.
  4. Walls: We use 5/8” 40 yr. pressure treated T-111 siding for our exterior sheathing on treated bldgs. and 1/2″ LP 30 yr. siding on our painted bldgs. Our walls are constructed with 2×4’s spaced 24” on center with every other stud doubled. This gives you as many studs as a typical wall with 16” stud spacing but gives us a more stable wall for transportation.

  5. Doors: All of our buildings come with shop-built 2 x 4 reinforced doors with three steel T-hinges per door. Eight foot width buildings come with a single 4’ door (46” actual clearance); this is wide enough for most 42” cut lawn tractors. Ten and twelve foot width buildings come standard with a 6’ wide pair of doors (70” actual clearance). The exceptions to this rule are the Portable Cabin and Portable Garage. These buildings come standard with a factory made metal clad residential door without glass. The Portable Garage also comes with an overhead metal track door that measures 9’ wide by 6’6” high.

  6. Windows: Buildings that are shown on our brochure with windows all include at least one 2 x 3 window. Buildings that do not show windows can be special ordered with windows. See windows under the Options section for more details.

  7. Roofing: We use at least 30 yr. rated asphalt/fiberglass roofing shingles. We also offer 30yr 29 Gauge Metal roofing in a varity of colors ask you dealer for more info.

  8. Roof Decking: We use 7/16” o.s.b. or plywood for roof decking.

  9. Trusses: We make our own trusses of 2 x 4 construction with truss plates. (engineered stamped)

  10. Vents: Our buildings are all gable vented to reduce heat and prolong the life of the roof shingles. This also lessens the chance of mold or mildew problems.

  11. Trim: All exterior trim is made from pressure treated 1 x 4’s on treated bldgs. and Smart Wood trim on painted bldgs.

  12. Fasteners: All exterior fasteners are zinc coated ring shank nails which resist rusting and provide exceptional holding strength.

  13. Drip Edge: All buildings come standard with aluminum drip edge to keep the shingles from sagging and to give the building a neat finished appearance.